I offer education for people who want to learn how to safely, ethically, and practically incorporate wild foods into their lives. Beyond food, I am interested in fostering relationships between people and their local landscapes - aiming to erase that imaginary line between human and environment.

I think the more people interact with their landscapes - the more they will know them - the more they will love them, and the more they will protect them. There is no act more intimate than eating, and if you can learn to feed yourself from the land around you - you will undoubtedly become a steward of that land in return. This is ultimately what I hope to share.

I waded slowly into hunting and fishing in my twenties, after foraging had become integral for me. I was, and am, motivated by food and the desire to take direct responsibility for feeding myself in a way that is mutually beneficial with my landscape. Hunting and fishing go hand in hand with foraging and land stewardship for me. It’s a lifestyle that I am deeply satisfied by, and eager to share and promote for those who are interested.

I serve on the board of the New England chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers where we have recently developed an outdoor mentoring program to pair experienced outdoorsmen with those who are new and eager to learn. I am also active in their Habitat Stewardship Program where they partner with state biologists to help our local landscapes and wildlife thrive. Learn more about the work that Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is doing in your region and how you can get involved at https://www.backcountryhunters.org/

I am also a proud ambassador of the apparel company Hunt to Eat. They promote the value of ethically hunting for meat and actively caring for and conserving wild places. A lot of the money from purchasing their gear goes directly back into wildlife conservation. The clothes are pretty sweet to boot. https://hunttoeat.com/